Girl Rappers Tell Lil Wayne to Stop Hating on Women (VIDEO)

Watoto from the Nile Lil Wayne
Watoto from the Nile
And the Inspiring Girls Award of the week goes to ... sisters Nia (10), Nya (9), and Kamaria (5), who go by the group name of Watoto from the Nile. These young Baltimore rappers just TOLD rapper Lil Wayne they are not having it with the woman hate in his songs. The trio uploaded their beautiful message to Lil Wayne, a song titled "Open Letter," to YouTube.


Sure, Lil Wayne can sing about whatever the heck he likes and call women all the awful names he can muster. But bravo to these young girls for letting him know they hear what he’s saying about women, and they don’t like it.

When older women and even young 20- and 30-somethings criticize rappers for misogynist song lyrics, I think the rap stars (and singers in many genres) probably tend to brush it off pretty easily. The older women, they think, are just prudish, and the younger women just whiny and mad. However, when sweet young girls, 10 and under, call you out on your woman hate, you kind of have to stop and listen, don't you?

I mean these are pure, impressionistic minds who could easily succumb to the popularity of rap music, warts and all. And yet these young girls are saying that the derogatory words you're using to describe my gender -- which includes my mom, my grandma, my aunts, and soon ME and my sisters, and later, my daughters, and many other women we respect -- are wrong and disrespectful. And they're singing this message on the Internet -- also making sure to remind Lil Wayne he has his own daughter to think about when he degrades women in his songs.

I love these brave, smart little mini feminists!

Here are some lovely bits from the song:

- I’m a girl that’s only 10, but for my sisters, I must represent.

- I guess that means that you're a man. But something I can't understand. The way you talk. The way you act. I hate when you be doing that.

- You lack the knowledge, information, inspiration, and you're single ... and then you start cursing ... This song is disturbing. Please, Mr. Wayne, can you stop all the hurting?

- Peace, I'm one year and the age of nine. And I'm divine. Got my life's purpose. To my people I devote my service. My daddy tell me I'm a queen, but you call women other things ... It makes me mad. I can't pretend. Sir, don't call me out my name again. And don't you think it's kinda mean? To disrespect a royal queen? We come from greatness, we come from love.

Wow, they're amazing. If only young girls everywhere were expressing and believing such empowering things.

WATCH and LISTEN to their video message to Lil Wayne:

How cute are these little girls -- and how rad is their message?


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