First Day of Spring 2011: 15 Ways to Celebrate With Kids

spring flowersWe've almost made it! The first day of spring 2011 is just weeks away. March 20 means that what was the longest winter in history is finally over ... or does it just seem like that each year? That means no more being cooped up, frozen solid, bored stiff, over-stuffed with comfort food, and stuffed up with colds and flu. Or so we hope.

Spring is a season ripe with hope and a promise of new beginnings. After paying our winter dues (mine aren't too high as I live in Florida, but still ...), it's time to celebrate. Here are 15 ways to celebrate spring with your kids:


1. Put away any remaining Christmas/Hanukkah decorations. It's really time now.

2. Plant flowers. If the weather outside doesn't permit, some nice indoor ones will brighten up your rooms.

3. Clean! Spring cleaning is cathartic, and you can make it fun for kids by offering creative incentives. Get rid of all those old toys, weed out clothes that are much too small. Purge, purge, purge!

4. Ready your bird feeders. Dig your old one out or make a new one. Here's an easy way to make one from a milk carton.

5. Go shopping for new spring clothes. Banish black and pack your purchases full of pastels!

6. Make spring cupcakes. Martha Stewart has a recipe for some really pretty ones ... of course.

7. Make spring rolls for dinner. Or just get some from your favorite takeout joint.

8. Have a bike-washing party to remove all the cobwebs and dirt that have accumulated since your last ride. 

9. Fly a kite.

10. Take a break. Spring break likely doesn't mean keg stands on a Mexican beach for you anymore, but a nice break from your regular routine may be the perfect celebration.

11. Do whatever you can outside. Let the kids do homework at the park, eat lunch on the patio ... even if you have to bundle up or take an umbrella.

12. Go to McDonald's and get a Shamrock Shake. Yep, they're back, but only until March 31.

13. Do some spring crossword puzzles and word searches. Kaboose has some great ones you can print out.

14. Buy a colorful new umbrella or make some cute decorative ones using cupcake liners and pipe cleaners.

15. Go to the zoo.

How do you celebrate spring?

Image via Theresa Thompson/Flickr

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