When Toddlers SHOULD Smoke Pot

marijuanaWe've seen way too many awful incidences in which toddlers are seen taking bong hits. Parents think it's cute to take pictures and post them all over the Internet; those idiots should be locked up. But there are some children who should be able to smoke pot, children like 2-year-old Cash Hyde.

Cash had a brain tumor, and the medical marijuana -- which he didn't actually smoke, but consumed in foods made with it -- helped him better handle the effects of chemotherapy. His story has been in the spotlight as he's the youngest of Montana's 51 minors who hold medical marijuana cards. Lawmakers there are currently debating repealing the law that allows its use.


Some health professionals say it's harmful to brain development in children, and yes, I would argue that most children should not be allowed to smoke pot. But children who have cancer or other life-threatening diseases should be allowed to toke up, eat pot brownies, drink pot soda, or get it any way they can if it helps their fight.

Cash's father, Michael Hyde, told CNN how important medical marijuana has been in his son's fight:

I watched Cashy not be able to eat for over 40 days to the point where he couldn't lift his head up off his pillow. I realized along the way in this journey that there is a quality of life that a lot of people do not have, and it's because of the drugs that they're given.

I believe that, you know, Cash is with us for a lot of reasons. He is a patient of medical cannabis, which has, I think, greatly benefited his battle.

While I'm sure they're well-intentioned, those who argue that children shouldn't be allowed to use pot for medical purposes probably haven't had a child suffer from cancer. I, thankfully, haven't either, but I do have a dear friend who lost her young son, Joey, to it, and I know what she went through with him -- how much suffering and how much aching there was to do anything to ease his pain. Why would anyone try to take away something that could do just that?

Do you think children with serious illnesses should be allowed to use medical marijuana? 

Image via Torben Bjorn Hansen/Flickr

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