Toddler Taekwondo Adorable or Inappropriate? (VIDEO)

toddler taekwondo
It's Toddler-Mania!
Step right up to see this week's latest viral video involving cute toddlers and potential violence! Or rather, self-defense? All I know is there are some toddlers all padded up and kicking like there's no tomorrow, and I'm not totally sure how I feel about the whole thing.

I mean, toddlers doing anything are pretty entertaining. And playing at a big kid sport is usually good for some chuckles. But somehow I'm not loving the idea of teaching toddlers how to fight in an arena. Plus, I don't know about you, but I've been spending a lot of time teaching my toddler not to kick. 

The heavy metal music during the break is a nice touch, though.


Okay, this is actually kind of adorable. And you knew the blue kid was going to win pretty much from the start, right? Which makes you root for the kid in red.

While starting a sport at this age is tempting -- for the "recitals" alone -- I wouldn't have the patience for all the lessons that must be required to get the kids up to performance speed. Especially when you know if you really want your child to succeed, you're going to be taking him to Taekwondo every week until he moves his ass-kicking butt out of the house.

Which is why I've said before, don't expect your toddler to become an expert at anything from these awwww-inspiring classes, unless your plan is to keep the lessons going way into grade school and beyond.

Sounds almost as exhausting as that charming little match-up, right?

Do you think toddlers should be taught sports that encourage fighting?


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