My Toddler Still Doesn't Have a Baby Album!

baby bookThe baby book. One of the "must-haves" for every baby registry. I spent hours on, strolling through Barnes and Noble, and going to various little baby boutiques searching for the perfect baby book. One that wasn't too frilly, that didn't have too many bows or ducks or cartoon rattles.

I finally found it -- yellow with a black-and-white photo on the cover. Not too big but not tiny either. And then my daughter arrived, and I kept it on the desk, primed and at the ready to record every single adorable milestone.

Fast-forward to (almost) four years. Oh, you guessed it. That dang baby book is still empty.


The book, the filling out part, just didn't happen. My maternity leave flew by and all of a sudden, I had to go back to work. The "juggle" got harder. Any spare time was catching up on sleep, playing, going to the park, tackling the endless piles of laundry. As she started walking and talking, it seemed there was even less time. Then potty-training, then preschool.

And now my (almost) 4-year-old has no baby book. I have a feeling that this makes me a bad mom. The kicker: I want to hire someone to do my kid's baby book.

I think that would be a fantastic new business. Maybe call themselves The Book Fairies. Maybe they interview you for all of those vital answers (when did she take her first steps, her first word, first poop). Then they gather all of the scraps of paper, mementos, pictures, and the empty book (that's been mocking me) and whisk them away. A few weeks later -- voila -- a completed baby book.

I can't be the only mom out there that would pay for this service. I dream of it, of showing my daughter this book someday, all filled out. There are people who organize closets, offices, whole homes, even your whole life. Why not a baby book?

So, I haven't filled out my kid's baby book, which is bad, I know, and I want to pay someone to do it ... does that make me an even worse mom?

Is your toddler's baby book all filled out?


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