10 Reasons I Could Never Be PTA President

Parent involvement is crucial for a successful school. The more involved the parents are in their children's education, the better education the children will receive. I so appreciate the countless hours that PTA presidents put into school and the efforts they make on behalf of the parents who aren't standing beside them. They deserve many, many thanks. Bravo, parents!

But, I could never be one of them. Why?

1. I don't own a clipboard. Nor do I want one.


2. I don't know everyone's business. Nor do I want to.

3. I know how to say "no."

4. I left high school over 15 years ago and have no desire to re-live it.

5. I bake really bad cookies.

6. I have a hard time pretending to like people I don't.

7. I hate hearing my voice on a microphone.

8. My hair won't fit under a baseball cap.

9. I get enough e-mail already, thank you very much.

10. Mostly, I'm just lazy. Really, really lazy. And, I'm totally fine with that.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/ The George Eastman Collection

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