Which TV Doc Do You Want in the Delivery Room?

greys anatomy doctorsI am sure you love your OBGYN. I am sure she is lovely, warm, reassuring, and, of course, a fantastic doc.

But, since you're sitting there, getting bigger by the second (not really, but it feels that way, doesn't it?), let's have a little fun. If you could pick any TV doctor to deliver your baby, who would you choose?

Tough one, huh? So many medical shows have come and gone from the small screen -- St. Elsewhere, Chicago Hope, Doogie Howser, M.D. -- it's hard to narrow it down. And what's your criteria? Best bedside manner? Most experienced? Best facilities?

I've rounded up a few of my top choices and why.


cliff huxtableDr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show (played by Bill Cosby): He's a warm, smart OBGYN. He's "been there, done that" with five kids, so he can give you parenting advice you actually want to listen to. Hell, he had a character on The Simpsons based on him.

hawkeye pierceBenjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce on M*A*S*H (played by Alan Alda): Okay, not the obvious choice, but he was able to find the funny in wartime -- and isn't pregnancy a little like a long battle to get through? He's fantastic under pressure, reassuring to know if anything goes wrong.

dr. baileyDr. Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy (played by Chandra Wilson): Her interns may have nicknamed her "The Nazi," but, with her patients, she is kind, caring, and yes, tough when she has to be. That's what you need when you are tired after 13 hours of labor: someone to kick your pregnant butt in gear.

montgomeryDr. Addison Montgomery on Private Practice (played by Kate Walsh): Another OBGYN, her specialty is hard, complicated births. If anything out of the ordinary goes on during your labor, she's the one you want in the OR. Plus, she's hot. Throw your baby daddy some eye-candy.

dr. mark greeneDr Mark Greene on ER (played by Anthony Edwards): You thought I was going to pick Dr. Ross, didn't you. Nope, his good looks would be too distracting. Dr. Greene has everything you need -- ER experience, calm, cool bedside manner, and a little humor to keep you going. Really, who needs George Clooney when you can have Goose ... okay, maybe me.

Which TV doc would you want telling you to push?

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