Super Bowl Ideas to Keep Your Kid From 'Interference'

football kidMaybe the scene goes a little like this: "Mama, I want to learn my numbers. And shapes. And colors! Pleeeeassssse?" Then you say, "Sorry, sweetie, the Super Bowl is on. Why don't you play with some mind-numbing, non-educational toy. Like Sponge Bob."

Hold on, Mama!  Watching the Super Bowl can be educational. Really. No, I'm serious and I haven't been drinking (yet). Gather Junior in front of the tube and as you don a hat shaped like cheese or swing your Terrible Towel, teach him some of basic skills with these fun games.


Name That Number

Numbers are everywhere during a football game. On the players' jerseys, on the field, on the clock. Everywhere. For your little tot, ask him what number Troy Polamalu is wearing (if he can see it with all of that hair sticking out of his helmet) or what the big numbers are on the field. If your kiddo is a bit older, work on addition skills every time someone scores. If he can hear you over Daddy's cries of joy (or sorrow), ask what 6 plus 1 is, what 14 and 7 equals. You get the idea.

Football Fractions Are Fun

Four quarters, first half, second half. Fractions are everywhere. Also, look at the buffet table. Check out that pizza. Sixteen slices make a whole. Or check out that six-pack of beer. If Daddy has had three, he's downed half of the beer.

Color Me A Rainbow

Okay, so black and gold aren't colors in the rainbow, but sit with your little one and have her point out all of the colors she sees. Take it one step further and play a version of I Spy. Say she sees the Packer Green on tube. Ask her what layer of the seven-layer dip is also green. Yummy guacamole, anyone?

Shape It Like Beckham

Okay, wrong type of football. So, shape it like Rodgers. The field is a rectangle. The Steelers logo has diamonds on it. The football is actually a prolate spheroid, but I think "oval with pointy ends" works well too.

D Is for Defense

G on the Green Bay helmet. R for referee. OT for overtime. The goal post is a U. Chips start with C. Wings start with W (as does wine and weeping when your team loses). See if you can find something for every letter of the alphabet (a hint for Z: Check out #58 on the Packers).

How will you entertain your kids during the game?

Image via di_the_huntress/Flickr

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