Trust Me, Toddlers Don't Need to Get Stoned

crazy toddlerOh look, another case of parents giving their child marijuana. This time it's in California where Melanie Soliz, 20, and Blake Hightower, 24, are behind bars for giving their 23-month-old a pipe filled with marijuana. And like most of these other geniuses who do such things, they inexplicably decided to make a video of it, which eventually got them busted. Brilliant.

Beyond the little matter of it being dangerous, the question is why? To see your baby do some wacky, crazy things? Well, trust me, toddlers don't need pot to provide entertainment. Just check out these things toddlers do that make them seem stoned while completely drug-free:


They eat some crazy stuff. From puppy poop to Legos, they ingest some interesting objects. And some of the combos they create would belly anything a pothead can produce. Bacon and whipped cream, anyone?

This boy in China crawled into his family's washing machine and got stuck. While not quite as amusing as the drunk girl who got stuck in a dryer, it's definitely something someone doing some doobie would do.

They certainly dance like they're in their own little world without a care in the world. Remember this girl dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"?

There was 3-year-old Alanna Merleto in Australia who flushed a cat down the toilet. Thankfully, the cat was okay, but who needs pot when a little mind thinks of things like that to do?  

They throw amazing, unpredictable tantrums that are really quite fascinating to watch. Pink Floyd has nothing on the music that these babes can produce during a good one.

And talk about deep, intriguing conversations. Well, you've never heard anything as interesting as the things that come out of the mouths of toddlers.

So you see, parents, there's no need to share your pot with your toddlers. They're plenty stoned on their own. So please, PLEASE, stop!  

What "stoned" things does your toddler do?


Image via Just Taken Pics/Flickr

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