Incredible Somersaults in the Womb (VIDEO)

baby in wombGet ready for the ride of your life. Perhaps the coolest pregnancy video I've ever seen cropped up on YouTube this week, and in my years of parenting writing, that's saying a lot. It's focused on the belly of a heavily pregnant woman and her active baby doing the rumba, the conga, the waltz, and a few somersaults thrown in.

"Baby ready to get the Fk out" was apparently created by a set of parents-to-be in France. The username grnfmp5 lists its location as France, and both the mom and a man are heard speaking French in the video (although, unfortunately I have forgotten almost every lick of the language I learned in college). Let's just say French babies apparently know how to get things done:


I have never seen a baby moving that much, and my daughter was so active in the womb that we nicknamed her "Squirmy." There were times when I was driving home from work that I wondered if she wasn't itching to drive herself; she was so intent on sticking her little hands out of my stomach and making the skin touch the wheel.

The standard rule of thumb come third trimester is your baby will move about 30 times in an hour. Notice I say about. I'm no doctor, but my OB/GYN told me to focus more on a steady amount of time rather than trying to actually chart the number of movements. If she seemed to stop moving (and yes, they go to sleep too -- remember they are human!) and I was feeling particularly neurotic (I say particularly because pregnancy = neurotic in my experience), he told me to eat something sugary to kick start the baby's activity.

But the description of the video notes: "This baby is restless after nine months in the womb. He is ready to meet the world." That sort of activity at the tail end surprises me. Because kids are so cramped in there, the movements tend to slow down when they're ready to come out. Which actually makes this kid more amazing ... although signs point to someone being quite the handful come the toddler years.

What do you say: coolest video ever?


Image via YouTube

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