Should a Woman Get Her Tubes Tied at 27?

In this country, on average, a woman at the age of 27 has one child and has been married at least a couple years. Of course in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Boston, that is still on the young end to even be contemplating those kinds of decisions.

This is something Brittany Shoot -- a freelance writer for Salon -- discovered very young. She always knew that she didn't want children, but no one ever believed her. "You'll change your mind," they would tell her.

Well, she didn't. And at 27, married and living in Denmark, she decided to end the chances once and for all by getting a tubal ligation. It's a procedure she might have had trouble getting in the United States, said another Salon writer in an essay about why she is happy she didn't get the procedure. According to Jowita Bydlowska:


The doctor told us that at 28 my ex-boyfriend was way too young and no one was going to do anything for me for a long time. Like Shoot, I heard the same lines about being too young and how I would change my mind. It even angered some people when I dared to defend my choices.

Of course, she did change her mind later. But she should have been allowed to have that tubal ligation back when she wanted it. We do not as a society tell people when they are allowed to have babies and we shouldn't be allowed to tell them when they're allowed to decide not to.

I realize there is a difference between actual laws and personal preferences of doctors who won't perform procedures, but it seems just a bit too Big Brother-esque. If someone comes in and requests a procedure they have considered, weighed, and still choose, why should you pretend to know better?

The fact is, not all of us were born to be parents. So what? Who are we to say that she will change her mind? Maybe kids aren't for her! If the average woman in the United States has one child by the age of 27 -- a decision we would all agree is permanent and life altering -- why should a woman the same age not be allowed to make the opposite choice?

It makes no sense.

Do you think 27 is too young to get a tubal ligation?

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