Fancy Christmas Outfits + Kids = Torture

holiday outfitWelcome to the most depressing time of the year -- if you're a little kid. Sorry, all the presents and cookies don't make up for your parents stuffing you into a ridiculous frilly dress or suit on Christmas morning and saying, "Now, I expect you to keep this outfit clean for the rest of the day. I paid good money for it. Have fun!"

Fun? Sure. You try crawling under the tree to chase down your cousins when you're in tights with your Mom's naggy voice in the back of your head chanting, "Don't get a run, don't get a run, don't get a run." And you thought waterboarding sounded bad?


It's not your fault. The stores are stocked with the cutest dress-up clothes imaginable, and it's hard to resist dressing them up like little dolls with darling bow-ties and delicate pinafores. The clothes are screaming, "Buy me, put me on your child, I'm cute!" And we all know our kid will look the cutest of all in that velvet get-up (well, my kid would, but I'm sure yours would be second cutest at least).

We are only as good as our latest scheme to ensure the world knows our kid is the future Miss (or Mr.) America. But for the love of frilly ruffled bloomers, you must resist! It will make your kid's Christmas merry indeed.

Just think back to your childhood Christmases. Are they sugarplum dreams or velvet and lace nightmares? There's nothing like furiously rubbing the mashed potatoes off your tie before Mom sees to take the shine off the big family dinner.

The fun of Christmas is in getting down on the ground and playing with your new toys, in racing around the house hyped up on candy canes and hot chocolate. If you break something, all the better! If you get the dog to join in the romp and he accidentally knocks half the ornaments onto the floor, well, the song did say you should be rockin' around the Christmas tree. You try affecting that much chaos in your Sunday best.

Here's an idea, Mom and Dad. Heed the siren call of the sweetheart dress or the dapper duds. Throw it on, take one picture, then pull out the PJs. At least if they cover the footies in sugar cookie icing stains, only the Sandman will see them. 

Do you dress your kids up for the holidays?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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