Christmas Babies Aren't an Inconvenience

To those of you currently lugging around big nine-month bellies, the idea of a Christmas baby is probably pretty cool. My oldest was due at Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday, so I understand the "cool factor" of maybe welcoming your new little one on such a happy day. On the other hand, a lot of worry goes with that. Will your doctor be out of town? Will she try to make you induce early? Will the nurses hate you for making them be there?

Good news! No worries about having a cranky nurse who sighs heavily every time you ask for more ice chips because, as it turns out, health professionals don't mind working on the holidays all that much after all.


For one thing, if your OB is on call for you at Christmas, chances are good she won't have to work any other holidays this season. At least at big hospitals, staff get to pick which holiday to work among Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Year's Eve, and if they work one or two, they won't have to work the others.

And for hourly employees, there's the lure of holiday pay, usually time and a half to double time. Some people don't celebrate Christmas, or they have their holidays with their family on another day to accommodate everyone's schedules, so working on the day itself isn't that big a deal. An L&D nurse told me they try to arrange things so that nurses with little kids at home can be there on Christmas morning while nurses who have college kids or teenagers who are just going to sleep until noon anyway work the earlier shifts.

And nobody misses out on Christmas dinner, either; some hospitals give out food vouchers that day and have their cafeteria put on a very nice meal. Other groups do potlucks, with everyone bringing a specialty dish and covering for each other so they have time to eat. A nurse at one hospital told me they get almost as excited over Christmas babies as the moms do, and have a special little stocking they'll put babies in for photos for the parents.

Think about it; there would be few places as sad and depressing to be for Christmas as a hospital, unless you're there to attend the birth of a new life. What could be more Christmas-y than the birth of a baby?

Are you anticipating a Christmas baby?


Image via Hayden'smommy223/CafeMom

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