Racism Should Be Considered Child Abuse

The Andrew Show is a video currently circulating on YouTube that depicts Andrew (no last name), a young pundit aged somewhere between 10 and 12 who has a show for "all the white people."

The word "disgusting" cannot even begin to describe it.

He goes on and on about Barack Obama and how he looks like the "Joker" and the "Jews" and spews so much hatred that it's almost unwatchable.

See for yourself below:


The kid isn't coming up with this stuff on his own. And while it's easy enough to take the tack many have and mock his speech impediment, it's pointless to do that because this kid has way worse problems than that.

He is clearly being raised in a household where blaming the Jews and blacks for problems is the norm. If I had to guess, he probably comes from a family that isn't all that educated. He has probably been pretty sheltered from the world because anyone who thinks it's OK to think like that has likely not traveled or gone to good schools and had the same opportunities as those of us who manage not to think like that. 

Just because it has an explanation doesn't make it OK.

There are those who want to call smoking and obesity child abuse, so why not racism, too?

This child is being set up for a life of small-minded misery. He will never be able to be friends with intelligent people or intellectuals. He will never be able to get a truly well-paid job or go to a good school because really, how many white supremacists attend Princeton?

Until he's able to get rid of racist thoughts, he will always be a step behind other people in life in terms of education. How is that fair?

The fact is it's child abuse to teach your child hatred. Anyone who does so is permanently warping a child's mind and even if he or she can undo it later in life, they will always feel guilty, like they let their racist parent down. And if they don't feel guilty, then they will feel sad that their parents are such idiots.

It's embarrassing for everyone involved.

Only stupid, small-minded people hate because of skin color or religion and it should be illegal to raise your children with those values. They are better off being removed from a home like that.

Do you think racism is child abuse?


Image via YouTube

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