Bringing Your Toddler to Holiday Parties Is Awesome

kids holiday partiesHere come the holiday parties! The more, the merrier, I say. Which is a good thing since we're a multi-cultural household and our holidays are non-stop starting today. But instead of shelling out for a sitter every time we get an Evite, we're bringing the kiddos along this year.

What? Bring the kids to an adult party? Why, I'd rather have adult conversation and cheer!

Let me tell you people, after the third holiday event, you're going to tire of conversations about The Walking Dead and WikiLeaks. You're also going to go broke while your sitter cashes in. Here's why you should consider ignoring who, exactly, the invitation addresses and bring the whole brood.

  • Toddlers aren't afraid to ask the embarrassing questions, so you'll be able to find out what that thing is on Uncle Jasper's nose after all these years.
  • Because they'll always sneak more sweets off the dessert table than you will.
  • Toddlers always think there's fun stuff at everyone's house besides yours. Guaranteed to have a great time, they'll also have plenty of other people to annoy delight.
  • Someone has to dress up as Santa's elves.
  • There's no easier way to get out of an awkward conversation than looking startled and running towards your child.
  • With holiday stress it's easy to overdo it in the drinking department. Having a toddler to drive home will have you stopping at one and saving your butt the morning after. (P.S. -- If having a toddler to drive around is not a deterrent for you, please leave the poor little kid at home. And maybe get some help.)

Would you take your toddler to your holiday parties?

Image via InAweOfGod'sCreation/Flickr

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