Parents Deserve More Sick Days & Massages

parents sick daysBut I'll settle for sick days.

Following a never-ending stomach bug, and multiple trips to the allergist to get to the bottom of a mystery cough, I'm a little bit done with working while sick, so I can take the sick kids to the doctor. Are you with me?

Even though the average American worker gets eight paid sick days after one year of employment, I still say that's not enough for your average family of four. In fact, parents should get eight times however many family members live under the roof. That's right, I believe parents of two children should get 24 sick days. Married parents should get 32.

Here's why.

  1. No matter how much you think you impress the boss by coming in with Kleenex stuffed up your nose, everyone hates the sick co-worker.
  2. Because if you have a husband, you must take time off to deal with the man cold.
  3. Anywhere from three to twelve times during the year, the family cold will strike everyone down. And Murphy's Law dictates it not be simultaneously. (Although having been in both situations, I really don't know what's worse: being a stay-at-home mom sick with the sick baby up in your grill, or working through a week-long cold.)
  4. If we call it "family sick days" you can also use it when your own parent needs to be taken care of, and you have to drop everything.
  5. Because a new study shows that if companies invest in people by paying higher wages and creating more flexibility, you actually make more money.

Are you ready to march on Washington? Let's start a Facebook campaign! As soon as we can get through the holidays, start back to the new school semester, and stay germ-free. Then let's see if we can coordinate our schedules.


Image via Evil Erin/Flickr

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