Your Toddler & Your Grandpa Have a Lot in Common

toddler behaviorWhile I often compare toddlers to zoo animals (just watch them eat and tell me that's not primate behavior), Tonya over at Ad Hoc Mom compares her toddler to a plethora of people from her past. In a hilarious and exacting list, Tonya gives verbatim examples of her toddler channeling everyone from grandpa to her college roommate. Spooky!

Does this scenario sound familiar?




Toddler as drunk college roommate:

“Weeeeeeee! Look at meeeeeeeee! Is funnnnnnnn!”

What the…? How the…? Stop swinging from the ceiling fan! You’re going to….

“Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My head hurts! Owwwwwwwww”

…hurt yourself. Crap. Put on your coat. We’re going to the E.R.

“Come on! Let’s run!”

Watch where you’re going…

“Aughhhhhhhhh! The door hit me in the face!”

We’ll get it looked at in the E.R.

“I wanna take my clothes off.”

I would add to Tonya's list:

My dog: Is that a Cheerio on the floor? Nom, nom.

My older brother: Excuse me while I yell all the way through the news because I really want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and I'm pissed I'm not getting my way.

The lady on my GPS: Confidently taking me on the most complicated route, and having fun while doing it.

Who does your toddler resemble?


Image via imcountingufoz/Flickr

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