Think Pregnancy Is No Laughing Matter? Think Again

All the Pregnant LadiesPregnancy is miraculously beautiful, sure, but it can also be uncomfortable, annoying, and a pain in the ass ... literally. In order to fully embrace the experience without going mad, one must have a sense of humor and be able to laugh about it and all the ups and downs of the journey along the way. 

This video of a woman dancing and singing "All the Pregnant Ladies" to the tune of Beyonce's catchy "Single Ladies" song provides a healthy dose of humor. Some of the lyrics:

Sittin' in the tub, coffee in my cup, no caffeine in the thing.

Pain in my hips, now you're gonna trip, can't have sex with me.

Don't have a lap, can't take a crap, how about water retention.

If you liked it then you shoulda put a thing on it ...

The performer, who goes by the name energyinred on YouTube, was really 38 weeks pregnant when she filmed it, and she looked fantastic. Check out it:


If you're not feeling quite so sexy, check out this video titled "She Gotta Bump." It's a little racier with some adult language and a man's quest to get some pregnant booty, but worth the watch.

For a final laugh check out these women singing "Pregnant Women Are Smug." Perhaps a little too relatable, but still pretty damn funny.

How have you found humor in pregnancy?

Image via YouTube

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