Having the 'Star Wars' Talk With Your Kid [Video]

I can attest, it's hard to be a good father in a challenging world. War, terror, drugs, slavery, cruelty ... how do we explain them to our small children? My friends at Asylum are fighting the good fight and can use your support:

Here are some sobering facts about the world today: Every day, millions of kids go to sleep having never been introduced to Chewbacca, and, worse, countless more think Greedo shot first. We here at Asylum want to make sure you and your child have an open and healthy conversation about Jar Jar and the differences between a "good trilogy" and an "uh-oh trilogy." So we've provided you with this, a PSA on talking to your child about Star Wars.

Here's the courageous video:



A lot of this really spoke to my heart.

These lines especially rang true:

"Annihilating planets is definitely not a good thing, but the force can make you do crazy things."

"We're going to keep her Jar Jar Binks free for as long as possible."

And most of all:

"Many other Star Wars aficionados have taken issue with my decision to tell my son that Darth Vader is in fact Luke's father ... Does that make me a bad father? Probably."

I've been there brother. "The talk" was especially tough for me. I had a daughter who was so frightened of the very idea of Vader -- frightened even of gentle Yoda -- that she wanted to hear none of what I had to say. Bless her heart I understood. Luke's arm amputation and father revelation was the most intense moment I faced as a child. But how could I ever prepare her?

I had to use the horror of the Clone Wars animated series, and the tween nightmare Asoka Tano (cool name though) to draw her in. I know, I know, this is controversial, but it's better than leaving her ignorant. And while she still won't so much as ride on Disneyland's Star Tours with me, she's open to the idea. She's got Asoka's green lightsaber and she's not afraid to pull it out if the situation calls for it. Certainly this is better than no lightsaber at all.


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