Toddlers Thankful for Crazy Things

toddler thankful thanksgiving
I'm Thankful for a Bear Market
In the spirit of the season, it's time to talk to some young 'uns about Thanksgiving. Specifically, the meaning of the holiday. While my daughter rattled off three things very quickly (Cinderella, Magic Microphone, Charley Harper cards), others clearly gave it more thought.

Of course, in true toddler form, these adorable answers are all over the place. Sit back and enjoy these true quotes from toddlers, when asked:

What are you thankful for?


Scarlet: Bunny ... and Halloween.

Annabella: Mama and, well, everything. But especially mama.

Esme (again): I am thankful for you guys make yummy dinner.

Audrey: Panda!

Lucy: No!

Julia: Mommy, you know why I love edamame so much? Because it has the word mommy in it.

Will: I eating macaroni and CHEESE.

Cruz: Mommy, daddy, my house, and my blankie.

Emery: I'm thankful for Netflix.

What is your toddler thankful for this Thanksgiving?


Image via hoodiefanatic/Flickr

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