10 Behavioral Traits of the Stay-at-Home Mom

I've been a stay-at-home mom (with a brief stint as a full-time work-at-home mom) for some time now. While it's not easy by any means, I find it far preferable to donning heels and pantyhose and sitting behind an office desk.

That said, being home I have developed some ... less than ideal habits. If you stay home, perhaps you do some of the same:

1. On a given day, you'll spend your time cleaning the house, helping with homework, doing the grocery shopping, replying to e-mails, paying bills, acting as a chauffeur, doing the laundry, making snacks, doing the dishes, volunteering in your kid's classroom, raking the leaves, getting the flu shots, sitting on hold with Comcast for an hour, and unplugging the toilet. However, when your husband asks you what you did today, you reply "not much." In fact, you can hardly remember doing anything at all.


2. Phrases like "TGIF" no longer hold much meaning. Time just kind of runs together in one endless stream. Although, not having to make lunch and yank children out of bed is reason to celebrate.

3. Sick days? You scoff at sick days! You would kill for such luxury.

4. You either have a permanent spit-up mark on your shoulder or snot-covered sleeves, depending on the ages of your kids. Neither bothers you at all.

5. You've memorized the TV line-up and find yourself scheduling your day around it.

6. You could live out of your car, if need be, with the various spare clothes, amount of random food, and countless DVDs you keep in there.

7. You make up excuses to go to Target. Post-it notes? You don't have any and suddenly you must have them, immediately! What if something needs to get ... posted?!

8. You know exactly which checkout clerk is the fastest and the most effective bagger and wait in her line, no matter how long it is.

9. When you show up at school drop-off, showered with your hair done, people exclaim, "You smell so clean!"

10. Similarly, when you show up in jeans and a sweater, people ask where you are going all dressed up.


Got any to add?

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