Top Thanksgiving Tunes for Toddlers

ThanksgivingThanksgiving can be kind of a ho-hum holiday for kids.

Sure, turkey and pie are great, but there's no promise of presents or a big basket of candy enticing their excitement.

Music can be a great way to teach young children about the meaning of the holiday and to build some anticipation for the big day. And how cute would a post-meal concert be?

Here are five cute thanksgiving songs to teach your children.


1. "Thanksgiving Thank-Yous"

Mr. Shine sings this song full of good reminders to children about all the things for which they have to be thankful.

Thanksgiving Thank-Yous

2. "5 Little Turkeys"

Cute, simple, and it works in a counting lesson

3. "They Were the Pilgrims"

This a good tune for older toddlers to start understanding some of the history associated with the holiday.

4. "(I'm Gonna Eat) on Thanksgiving Day"

Laurie Berkner came up with this cute tune that centers around the feast to be had.

Laurie Berkner

5. "Thanksgiving Song"

The Uncle Brothers recorded this catchy song as part of their Mooseltoe album.


What are you favorite Thanksgiving songs for children?


Image via WishUponACupckae/Flickr

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