I'm a Pregnant Psycho

It started when I was trying to conceive. I kept thinking I was having early pregnancy symptoms, when I was only having PMS. Then, finally pregnant, came the first trimester. I was so flustered from trying to get pregnant, I forgot the first day of my last period.

On to the second trimester when I wasn't really showing and thought maybe I'm not really pregnant. Note: I went to the doctor often, had tests, and saw the sonogram. I think I was just nervous and in denial.

Now, I'm a week away from my induction date and I keep imagining I'm going into labor. I constantly look online to see if my imaginary symptoms are real. The problem is, if you are desperate enough, you can read between the lines and somehow validate whatever you want to believe.


Because I never was really positive of my last period date, this entire pregnancy I've thought my due date was wrong. This may be the culprit of my headcase state.

I'm driving my husband crazy. Every time the baby kicks, I make some kind of absurd statement. "Maybe he's on his way out. It feels like he's kicking harder." From what I've read, this is not a sign of labor, but my crazy head keeps winning over my rational one.

I've called all my friends. I asked one of my friends if it was possible if my baby can fall out while I'm walking through the grocery store. After she confirmed I have had no contractions yet, she assured me that it's very unlikely I'll have my son in the meat aisle.

My mother-in-law is planning on arriving next week to take care of my 3-year-old while we are in the hospital. I told her she may have to move her flight up. I'll know more after I visit my doctor on Wednesday. I know it's a ridiculous and annoying thing to say to her. I'm probably making her all flustered, making her think she'll have to spontaneously hop on a flight in the middle of the night. But I told her anyway.

In reality, I'm not experiencing painful contractions and my symptoms aren't progressing. Even false labor has more symptoms than me. I know I'm being a nut, I just cannot help it. I will just go to the doctor tomorrow, be reassured that everything is fine, and I'll keep my eyes on the prize. I think I'm just excited to meet my baby and I'm excited to not be pregnant anymore.

I'm wondering, has anyone else experienced anything like this? Are you or were you a psycho pregnant person?

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