5 Pregnancy Books That Would Make Ridiculous Movies

girlfriends guide to pregnancyThe news last week that What to Expect When You're Expecting, the pregnancy book everyone loves to hate, is becoming a movie drew a wave of incredulity from people who've read the book and even from those who haven't.

As silly as making a romantic comedy out of one of the more scoldy pregnancy books sounds, you've got to wonder: What other pregnancy books could be turned into box-office blockbusters?


The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy: Quite frankly, it's shocking no one has done this yet. It would be like Sex and the City with plainer, more waddle-friendly shoes, mocktails, and fewer camel rides.

YOU: Having a Baby: A newer entry in the pregnancy arena, its funny and light tone would make an awesome Morgan Spurlock-style documentary incorporating cartoon segments, reality TV type "slice of life" vignettes, and solid information, plus the very telegenic Dr. Oz.

The Pregnancy Book: Dr. William Sears' book is devoted to doing things naturally (and making you feel ever so slightly guilty if you're not), so this book would make a great National Geographic-style nature film with beautifully composed and lit shots of "acceptable" pregnancies and births.

Your Pregnancy Week By Week: A time-travel thriller, with our heroine desperately trying to get herself out of week 32 to go back to week 28 and find that symptom she was supposed to be experiencing then but is experiencing now; our hearts pound as we ponder the question "Is her baby normal?" and rejoice in the happy ending: it is.

Belly Laughs: Paging Judd Apatow ... yes, he already mined similar territory with Knocked Up, but this could tell a similar raunchy (and funny) story from a female perspective; he could even have the former bimbo blonde go to med school at the end just like Jenny McCarthy did ... oh wait, except she didn't, but still feels free to expound on the causes and treatments of autism. I smell Oscar-winning sequel!

Which pregnancy books do you think would make great (or terrible) movies?


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