Raise Your Hand If You Hate Being Pregnant!

pregnancySome pregnant women have the most glorious 9 months. Their skin glows, their hair is lustrous, they don’t have any mood problems or morning sickness. They love every second of their pregnancy. For them, being pregnant is the most amazing thing in the world.

But there is another side to the pregnancy coin. Some pregnant women hate every second of their pregnancy. It goes waaay beyond just not being fun to being 9 months of feeling like crap, mentally and physically.

I talked to a few women about their much-despised pregnancies to find out what made those 9 months so horrid, and if they would do it all over again.


Elizabeth: I hated being pregnant. I now have a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son. With my daughter I was sick the entire time. I hated losing control of my life and body -- though now I know it was just preparation for losing total control after they were born! We had another baby solely so that our daughter would have a sibling.

I remember people saying things to me like "Isn't being pregnant amazing?" I would just smile and nod. Finally a friend looked at me and told me to be honest with people. From them on I would say, "Actually, I hate it,” when people asked. I got a lot of shocked looks for that one but it was nice when people said they had felt the same way.

Laura: From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I hated it. It felt like my body was out of control. I was always nauseated, would get tired and out of breath very easily (even though I exercised 6 days a week), and just did not feel like myself. I developed preeclampsia at 26 weeks, went into the hospital on bed rest for three weeks, and then had an emergency c-section at 29 weeks.

Even before having my baby so prematurely, I knew I'd never have another baby ever again because I hated being pregnant so much. But after having a preemie, it just cemented it for me.

Pregnancy is ironically so unnatural (at least to me) ... it's like your body is invaded by this alien life form that sucks all the nutrients and energy from you, leaving you a shell of your former self. Ugh, no thank you.

Annie: I'm 47, have only one child, and I hated being pregnant. I was fat (huge), I had bad hemorrhoids, I had acid reflux the entire 9.5 months, I was sleepy all the time, and I had lower back pain. My boobs were huge, stretched out and painfully heavy. My skin to this day is saggy and stretched out although I'm very healthy and fit. I had to pee every 15 minutes and my bladder was permanently changed so that 28 years later I still have to pee more than other people. I don't regret my son, no, no. But I would never do it again. I loved that my son was coming, I loved that I was going to get to meet him, but being pregnant? No thanks.

Real: I absolutely hated, abhorred, and loathed being pregnant, but I must say it was way more than worth it. I have a beautiful, healthy 4-year-old daughter who is literally the light of my life. I had a medical condition that required me to be seated with my legs elevated while at work and on bed rest when not at work. I also had to get sonograms every two weeks and on top of all of that, the entire nine months was uncomfortable. As a petite person, it was difficult to adjust to my growing form and my daughter’s movements made it difficult to be comfortable (laying down or sitting up) and breathing, eating, and walking was a chore. I also had morning sickness throughout my pregnancy.   

Although labor and delivery was only three hours, it was the most excruciating, horrendous experience ever in life. I lost a lot of blood and the doctors thought they would not be able to stop the bleeding. I would love to give my daughter a sibling because I have two sisters, but I just cannot bear to give over another 3/4 of a year of my life to go through pregnancy and then labor and delivery.

Wendi: With my first pregnancy, I was miserable! I spent the first 16 weeks of the pregnancy hugging trash cans and toilets, and was hospitalized twice for dehydration.  I finally started feeling better around week 17, and went to Vegas for a convention. Two days later, I came down with bronchitis, and fought it for three weeks! Then, when I finally started feeling better, I tripped over a flowerpot and hurt my hip, so I spent the last two and a half months of the pregnancy in constant pain! At 27 weeks, I was diagnosed as a gestational diabetic.  All of that, combined with the normal stuff (tiny bladder, being kicked all night long, exhaustion, feeling like a giant planet), means I hated pregnancy.

Our son, though, is the most amazing person I know. Every single day, he blows my mind with his brilliance and wit, even at 2-years-old. And every day that he gets older, I realize how much I want to do this again, nurture another child, give him a sibling. I love my son, but want a little girl, too!

And now, at 7 ½ weeks pregnant, as the nausea hits and lasts all day, and I want to spend all day sleeping, I wonder just why we are doing this all over again.

How about you? Did you enjoy or loathe your pregnancy?


Image via Teresa Wer/Flickr

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