5 Ways Sisters Rock

sisters ruleWatching my daughter's undying devotion to her little brother pains me sometimes. Mostly because I always longed for a sister, and instead got a moody big brother who was more bothered by my presence than engaged.

My girl will chat up her baby brother and include him in board games that are far too advanced for his 19 months, but they create some kind of wacky competition regardless. It's adorable, and I realize how lucky my little dude is to have a doting big sis.

Now a new study says that people who have sisters are actually happier, so it's not just that warm feeling in my stomach -- my toddler is getting an actual benefit by following a girl. The reason? Sisters talk more often than brothers. Whether you talk about feelings or just check in, that connection is beneficial.

Do you know how else sisters rule?


She takes the heat from mom

Moms tend to focus more on the girls in the teen years, leaving the rest of the crowd free to sneak out windows at midnight and dye hair with abandon. Of course this only works with an older sister.

She always knows when you're sad

Your brother will take your "I'm fine" at face value. A sister will hear the longing in your voice.

The clothes swap

Whether she's a tom boy or a girlie girl, there's something in that wardrobe to beg, borrow, or steal.

She knows what to say in times of crisis

Even the best man can freeze up when things go south. A sister may not know the magic words to make you feel better, but she'll knock herself out trying.

She'll be honest about your newest significant other

A brother will shrug if he doesn't like who you brought home. You're going to get an eye roll (at the least) and an intervention (at the most) if sis does not approve.

What do you love about your sister?

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