Do Pregnant Women Really Need Preferential Parking?

I went to the mall over the weekend and there was a spot for "Expectant Mothers." It was right by the elevator and it made me wonder. How do they enforce it? What if a woman isn't showing yet? Do they ask her if she's pregnant? Does she have to produce her pee stick? What if a man parks there? Do they give him a ticket?

Plus, do pregnant women really need special parking in the first place?


When I called the parking office at the mall, they were happy to speak to me although my informant would not reveal his name. He told me that the Expectant Mother Parking works on the honor system. They just trust that people will do the right thing. Meaning, if a woman isn't showing, they don't go up and ask her about it. So, don't start carrying around your pee sticks, ladies.

What if a man parks there -- without a pregnant woman? Well, my source tells me that they would issue a ticket. When I asked how much the ticket costs, he explained that it's actually a warning ticket. The ticket informs the car owner that if they park there again without an expectant mother, they will get towed. No one has been towed yet according to Deep Throat.

I asked if they have ever ticketed a senior citizen. He said he wasn't sure. Something tells me that they have never really issued any tickets for this. I mean, when you admit that something is enforced by using the honor system, it leads you to believe that there's really nothing they can do.

When we were wrapping up our short conversation, he apologized to me. He said he understands that this is discrimination and he is sorry about it. I thought that was weird. Is it discrimination when physically able people aren't allowed to park in handicapped spots? I don't think so. Plus, shouldn't women have some discrimination in their favor every once in a while?

What about the need for these spots? Obviously, the pregnant women who are parking here certainly are physically capable or they wouldn't be at the mall in the first place. I guess it's more of a luxury than a necessity. It's a nice perk that certain establishments provide for women who no doubt make them a lot of money.

At first I thought it was ridiculous, until I realized I had landed the best spot in the garage.

What do you think? Do pregnant women need special parking?


Image via HeyRocker/Flickr

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