The Best Toddler Dancing Videos on the Web

dancing toddlerMy son’s a good dancer, though he’s nothing like his father who wooed me with his moves. My boy’s talent is kicking a soccer ball around. He’s got mad skillz. Granted, he’s more into holding his football nowadays than actually playing with it. He doesn’t like it when other kids touch -- or even think about touching -- his stuff. Oy vey.

These kids, on the other hand, love sharing their mad skillz with the whole wide world, the www, to be exact. Correction, their parents love to share their adorable antics and acrobatics on places like YouTube and Japanese websites I’ve never heard of. And why wouldn’t they? Just like seeing dogs in tiaras, these videos are riveting. After watching two minutes of dancing, singing, and leaping toddlers, you can’t help but smile and invite the world to smile with you.

Here’s a little best of.


Hip Hop Amazing!
This dancing toddler makes choreography look like a walk in the park.


“Tumbling” Queen
Mary Lou Retton, eat your heart out. This little girl is 4 years old
, by the way.


The 3’ Tall King of Samba
I’m a little intimidated and almost


The Break Dance Kid
An amazingly elastic and fantastic 3-year-old.


"... Don't go around breaking young girls' hearts"
MJ would be impressed.


Sasha Fierce in Diapers



C'mon, who doesn't love a good toddler dancing video? Which one is your favorite?

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