Would You Let Your Preschooler Trick-or-Treat Like This?

The 4-year-old in this link is wearing the most hideously inappropriate costume ever and the one pictured at left is not much better.

The child in the link is wearing makeup that's about 20 years too old for her face, heels that are about four inches too high, and the Minnie Mouse dress she's wearing is just wrong.

And don't even get me started on the fishnets.

Would you let your toddler wear something like this?


I wouldn't. Halloween is supposed to be an innocent time and sexy toddler costumes aren't in line with that. Also, the words "sexy" and "toddler" are two words that never should appear together ever again.


Our kids are growing up fast enough and dressing like a hooker for Halloween is just too much for this mama. My nearly 4-year-old daughter will be dressed like Princess Leia (not the sexy version) and will be quite happy.

This rush to make kids dress like grown-ups makes no sense. Yes, it's cute to see my toddler son wear a tie or a button-down shirt, but fishnets and CFM boots (Come @!#$! Me Boots) are best left to those who are 18+. Old-fashioned? Maybe. But kids have no idea what image they're projecting and it's our job as parents to protect them.

It isn't even about child molesters or paranoia. It's also about boundaries and teaching children to live within them. You can wear high heels and sexy Minnie Mouse clothing when you're old enough to actually be sexual. Until then, you will wear the little kid version.

Would you let your daughter trick-or-treat like this?


Image via Make Believe Costume

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