Halloween Neighborhood Crashers Go Home!

halloween crashersLast year my family went across town for Halloween. It was a Brooklyn neighborhood known for an abundance of children (and therefore kid-friendly homes) and we met up with our friends who resided in the area for some awesome trick or treating. Still, when I overheard one of our friend's neighbors complaining about the "interlopers," I knew we were included in that gang of unwanted kids who just didn't belong on the sweet streets of Park Slope.

In addition to wanting to hang out with my daughter's BFF, our block wasn't particularly kid-friendly in the trick or treat-o-sphere. So should my kids have to suffer low candy levels because our neighbors would rather party than stock up on mini Crunch bars? Heck, no!

But when the Park Sloper stiffened as another group of rowdy kids he didn't recognize ran up to his door, it made me feel like perhaps we deserved the neighborhood we got -- no matter how barren of candy.


Now that I live in a house, instead of an apartment building, I wonder if I too will resent the kids whose parents drive up and drop them off in front of my house, then pack up and drive to the next block. Will I be a Halloween neighborhood scrooge?

Barbara Schulz, an upstate New York mom, told me that even though she lives in a small town, she always prepares for 100 kids or more, double if Halloween falls on a weekend. Most of which aren't from around there.

"I like to guess who is at the door. We have a lot of repeat visitors from other neighborhoods, and I always enjoy seeing how much they have grown up."

If Barbara can be excited about 100 kids or more who don't even live in her neighborhood, I think I can stock up for out-of-towners too. They just better be wearing a costume.

How do you feel about other kids coming into your neighborhood and taking your candy?


Image via di_the_huntress/Flickr

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