Damaging Toddler Credit With Adorable Photos

toddlers on facebookA new study shows that 82% of children ages 2 and under have an online presence. I gasped when I read that, wondered who these crazy people are that sign up their toddlers for gmail accounts and Twitter feeds.

It only took about five minutes to realize my toddler and my pre-schooler are all over the world wide web.

I don't have a Facebook account for them, but I post their pictures on mine. Not to mention the many mentions my kiddos get here from princess burn-out to my insistence on comparing them to my dog.

Everyone I know, with a few (paranoid? or genius?) exceptions, upload smiling photos of the little ones online. Of course, this article about how we're all doing it also says we're putting our kids' financial future in danger.


While we may think we're showing off our brilliant and beautiful offspring, some people might be taking notes of the identity stealing variety. Names, birthdays, mother's maiden name -- all those little things one needs to get a credit card after producing the fake ID.

The benefit to this secret thievery of children too young to have a platinum card won't even be known until he does apply for credit, or perhaps college.

So when you're online chatting about the kids (Is the dog at risk also? Hmmmmm.) take some safety precautions with what information is public. You don't want a collection agent showing up at Billy's third birthday party, ready to repossess his pony.

Does your toddler have an online presence?


Image via Tammra McCauley/Flickr

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