Daddies and Double Standards

John O. of Knoxville, Tennessee wants to be voted the World's Best Dad because of a video of him taking care of his triplet toddlers alone.

His video is hilarious and for those of us who have had more than one toddler at a time, we feel his pain. And how.

The screaming! The climbing! The multitasking!

I have so been there.


He's a great dad, no doubt. There are many fathers who refuse to be alone with one child through the entire bedtime routine, let alone three. But I still can't help wonder if a mom made the same video if she would be in the World's Best Mom contest.

The bar on motherhood is just set so much higher. We have to do all the things shown in the video, plus more. We have to make sure the children are dressed nicely. After all, whatever they wear reflects on us. We have to make sure they are well-fed, both nutritious and balanced, organic meals. If we get on the floor and play with them, we're supposed to do so. A Dad who does it is a saint.

Why is this fair?

John O. is a great dad, but not because of what he does. He's an incredible dad because of his attitude. He keeps his calm and his sense of humor even when most of us would be losing our minds. Vote for him for that reason and support more dads like him. But let's also recognize all the incredible moms who do all the same things every day.

Do you think there is a double standard?


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