Toddler Cursing Out Monsters: Cute or Not Cool?

cursing toddler monstersThe first time my daughter said the "s" word, I knew it was my fault. I'm a swearer. I try to at least make it count -- directed appropriately, used in context. But hearing the word come from my daughter made me realize the new "appropriate" meant never around my kids.

Hopefully this mom of a potty mouth tracked down the culprit who taught her 3-year-old cutie pie the proper comprehension of "kicking someone's ass."

At the same time, jeez, this little girl is adorable! And her goal is truly to take care of monsters, not her babysitter.

So, is this okay?


In spite of her Dorothy Hamill haircut and huge eyes, it's not really okay. Because it's not like she just repeated the word "ass," she knows what it means to kick someone's ass, and whose ass needs kicking. Monsters, that's who.

She may be right that monsters have it coming, but it's still a little icky to hear a tough guy term coming from such a sweet little face.

What do you think? Is this cute? Or way out of line?


Image via the futuristics/Flickr

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