An Open Letter to the Christmas Pajama From Halloween

Minnie Mouse HalloweenDear Christmas,

You have held the court as the official "cute pajama" holiday long enough. Take this as your warning. The name is Halloween, and I'm moving in.

Sorry, the kids need me.


Oh Christmas, you think you're so great with your visions of sugarplums and candy cane wishes.

Allow me to burst your tinsel-strewn bubble.

I'm the scariest night of the year.

I get them sugared up on year-old pieces of waxy yellow and orange faux "corn," then send them out to meet the goblins and ghosties. And who's waiting to tuck them into bed when they come crashing down off that Twix Bar gobble fest with the Pixy Stix chaser?

Visions of Jason peering out of the old man's house down the street.

You can keep your precious matching photos of the fam in the PJs with the morning hair, Christmas. I'm giving them cute PJs with friendly faces like Minnie Mouse peeking out from under that witch's hat (Disney Store) to repair the damage of the day.

She won't turn you into a rat if she looks like Minnie Mouse. Although the two are similar, come to think of it ...

Anyhoo, Christmas, I'm giving you a break here. It's a lot of pressure to turn that bleary-eyed photo of a kid who's not sure if she's hungrier for cereal or a big package ripfest into album-worthy material.

But the photo of a kid freshly scrubbed of their Halloween makeup, chocolate smears off their mouth, wrapped in cuddly PJs and ready for bed? That's the one that will make their Mom all gushy inside.

It might even go in the Christmas card.

You can thank me in a few months.



Image via Disney Store

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