No Princesses Allowed: Monarch-Free Halloween Costumes for Girls

wonder woman toddler costume
She Thinks She's a Princess
If your daughter is as obsessed with royal dress-up as my little Elton John is, you may have had your fill of princesses by the time October rolls around. Of course, your princess may want nothing more than to dress up for Halloween as ... another damn princess.

If you'd like to squash redirect that instinct, try floating some of these Halloween costume ideas by your fair one.








Wonder Woman

This worked for me last year, but I did have to spend a lot of time convincing my daughter that Diana Prince was actually Princess Diana back home on her island. Still, I felt like I won a little battle for the hard-working woman.


pirate princess costumePirate Princess

That's the direction we're going in this year. Simply because I feel better if I can toughen up the princess by putting an eye patch on her and talking to her about sailing the world rather than waiting in a castle for some man to save her lazy princess butt.




kitty cat costume toddlerKitty Cat

I don't know why, but little girls seem to love kitty cats. Last year half of my daughter's pre-school class was dressed up as kittens. Hey, it's a cute animal versus an entitled dilettante. I'll take it.





dorothy costume toddlerDorothy

Yes, you have to show her The Wizard of Oz first, so gauge your girl's ability to process scary flying monkeys. But once she does, she'll be begging for the ruby red slippers and plaid bib dress that accompanied Dorothy on a grand adventure.





Wonder Woman ($44.99) -- Kohl's

Pirate Princess ($29.99) -- Costume Super Center

Kitty Cat ($17) -- Carter's

Dorothy ($31.95) -- WB Shop


Images (top to bottom): APeveteaux, Costume Super Center, Carter's, WB Shop

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