'Sextuplets Take New York': Redeeming the Name of Multiple Parents

Sextuplets Take New YorkJon and Kate Gosselin and the Masches of Raising Sextuplets have done more than a little damage to the image of parents raising multiples.

But just when you thought all families raising big broods were destined to live tabloid-trackable lives, along come Victor and Digna Carpio.

The Carpios and their six toddlers, plus big brother, Jhan Carlos, star in Sextuplets Take New York, and they are as far from the other multiple families we've seen portrayed on television as Snooki is from Dora the Explorer.

After just a few episodes watching them in their small home in Queens, New York, it's hard not to be inspired by and in love with this family.


There is no diva drama or woe-is-me whining from the family. Instead, they are hard-working, let's-make-it-work kind of people.

Their babies are facing an array of developmental concerns -- from scares of cerebral palsy to hearing loss -- which is the reality for many preemies. But they take it all in stride and deal with issues as they arise.

The Carpios don't jet off on a Hawaiian vacation when Victor has week off from his job as a groundskeeper in Queens; rather they have a stay-cation and get things done around the house and go to the grocery store together.

As a couple, they're adorable. There's a good amount of teasing and ribbing between the two, but you can tell they truly love and support each other. And even without plastic surgery, Digna looks great!

While you certainly see and feel their stress in raising so many children, they seem strong and united enough to not let it bring them down ... as it has so many before them.

That's why I'm rooting for the Carpios and hope the show does well, so people with multiples can see an example of how people do make it work without affairs, extortion, divorce, and other drama.

Unfortunately, I fear that without the drama and the headlines, it may not garner the attention it deserves, which is the sad reality of the reality television game.

Have you seen Sextuplets Take New York yet? Thoughts?

Image via tlc.discovery.com

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