Sorry Ladies: Pregnancy By a Rich Guy Does Not Make You Rich

A California court ruled yesterday that the adult children of billionaire Donald Bren were not entitled to $134 million in retroactive child support that his ex-girlfriend and their shared children, now 18 and 22, were trying to claim.

From this, one might assume that Bren, the 78-year-old Irvine Co. chairman, was some kind of deadbeat, right? No. In fact, according to USA Today, Bren provided the children with enough to live an upper-middle class lifestyle (plus he paid for their entire education). But that was not enough.

The suit sought $400,000 a month for each of the children in retroactive child support from 1988 to 2002. Their mother testified she received a total of about $3 million for them during that period.

$3 million. And she has the nerve to complain.

According to Bren, he never loved her and never wanted the children. Still he supported them. What kind of person goes back after the fact and asks for more?


Hey lady: Ever heard that Kanye song? What's it called? Oh yeah. "Gold Digger"? You may want to check it out. It may ring a bell with you.

OK, so men can wear condoms and I'm sure Bren wishes he had. But what kind of person thinks she can get pregnant and her children are entitled to all of the money? Even children of wealthy parents who are married aren't entitled to that. Just ask Warren Buffett's family.

From 1992, Bren has paid these kids more than $18,000 a month between 1992 and 2002. That is an enormous amount of money by any standards. Then he also covered their education.

Let's also remember that Bren was a married man and these were his mistress' children. Clearly they're both sleazy, but it's hard to feel too terribly sorry for a woman who was cheating with a married man. What did she expect, exactly?

Bren provided enough for them to live a privileged life and agreed to pay for their education, even though he generally ignored them and didn't treat them like his children.

"I felt an education at the university level, at the graduate level is perhaps the best gift a parent can give a child," he testified.

And so it goes. Pregnancy doesn't automatically entitle your children to billions from their biological father. And nor should it.

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