5 Toddler & Pumpkin Activities That Don't Involve Knives

halloween toddler activitiesHalloween is the most adorable time of the year if you've got some tots hanging around your house. Teaching them how to beg for candy is priority one, but there are other activities to get you and the littlest ones into the Halloween spirit.

Rather than fearing pumpkin carving with toddlers who would put a sharp knife in their mouth as soon as they look at it, here are some other ideas involving the big orange vegetable you can complete without injury.


1. Pumpkin Drawing

Pull out the non-toxic or -- even better -- washable markers and let your toddler decorate a pumpkin however they want. For the bigger kids, provide some stencils and see how close they can get to an actual jack-o-lantern face.

2. Pumpkin Gut Scooping

But if you're set on the real thing, do the cutting yourself in the kitchen, then put the pumpkin on the floor and let your little one scoop out the insides. Just expect to complete some of the cleanup yourself as toddlers aren't known for their precision workmanship.

3. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Some of the cutest photo ops take place at the local pumpkin patch. Especially exciting if you find a pumpkin bigger than your toddler and try to see if he can lift it, roll it, or just climb on top.

4. Dress Her Up

Remember, you've got a limited amount of time before your toddler insists on being a princess every year. Find the cutest little pumpkin outfit that you can, and show her off around town.

5. Eat Pumpkin Treats

From pancakes to cookies and bars -- this is your excuse for eating all the seasonal goodies you (and your toddler) can take. Don't let this time of year go by without getting your pumpkin fill.

What's your favorite Halloween activity you do with the little ones? 

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