Camping While Pregnant? Are You Nuts?

Camping sucks. There, I said it; and a goodly portion of you are cracking your knuckles right now so you can type furiously in the comments about how wrong I am.

Here's the thing. People who love camping cannot stand the thought of anyone hating camping. Tell campers your ancestors did not fight their way over here from Poland so you can sleep in a tent like a peasant and it's worse than insulting their religion, mother, and ethnicity all at once.

As much as (I think) camping sucks, camping while pregnant would really, really suck. And yet some people do it.

Here are just some of the reasons camping while pregnant would be terrible:


No drinking beer around the campfire: The only really fun part about camping, in my opinion, is the "drinking beer around the campfire and BSing with your friends" part. Can't happen if you're knocked up, even if you're pretty relaxed; one or two beers in a weekend isn't going to do much to make the experience enjoyable. Add to the fact that you probably can't stay up much past dark while all the loud drunks can and that doesn't sound fun at all.

Uncomfortable beds: Even the most devoted camping enthusiast could sympathize with the reason my last time camping was my last time ever: stuck in a pop-up camper with my husband and several friends of ours, all of whom are male and all of whom had a massive case of beer farts. Flatulent boys aside, though, that bed was awful, and your other alternatives while camping are 1) the hard ground or 2) an air mattress laid over the hard ground, which is its own special kind of torture when you're pregnant.

The peeing factor: Pregnant women pee a lot. Especially at night. Stumbling down your own hallway can feel treacherous at 3 a.m. Why would anyone go someplace where the path to the bathroom doesn't have lights but does have trip-inducing tree roots, as well as possums and raccoons? Not to mention bears?

Mosquitoes: Is any vacation worth, at best, getting eaten alive since you can't use most insect repellent, and at worst getting West Nile virus? I think not.

In other words, I don't know why any pregnant woman wouldn't insist on "roughing it" in a rustic cabin for just this one time. If you must camp? You have my admiration. And my sympathies.

Would you go camping during pregnancy?


Image via Paul.Carroll/Flickr

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