Pregnancy Rules Don't Apply to Me

pregnant woman on streetPeople have a lot to say about getting manicures and pedicures while pregnant. They also say a lot about soft cheeses and coffee. I participated in all of these no-nos with my first baby and I'm doing it again.

I'm not sitting there huffing nail polish remover, downing bottomless cups of coffee, or travelling to France to eat raw cheese, but I'm not panicking over moderate indulgences either.


I'm certainly not a medical doctor as many of you are bound to point out, but my amateur gut instinct tells me that exposing my unborn baby to environmental elements in utero is the smart thing to do. Our parents did all of this. There was no panic-stricken world of rules that prevented women from living while they were pregnant. I have yet to hear of a manicure causing a birth defect. Have you?

I know that raw cheese can cause problems -- it's rare, but possible. BUT most soft cheeses in the United States are pasteurized and there's no reason to abstain. Studies have also shown that coffee in moderation is okay to drink while pregnant. I sometimes think that all of these rules that are put on pregnant women are ways to keep us pregnant and at home -- preventing us from being forward-moving participants of society with jobs, social lives, and opinions. I feel like a lot of this stuff somehow is pushing women backwards.

It seems that almost all studies that tell you not do something while you're pregnant are really just warnings not to go overboard. They don't even know how many drinks it takes to cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. My feeling is that medical professionals just don't want women to chain smoke unfiltered cigarettes and down handles of whiskey every night. Most sane pregnant people don't want to do that anyway. But, a few glasses of wine a week is sure to be cleared for pregnant women in the near future.

Does anyone else think there is a trend of panicking that is going on in the pregnant world? Is anyone else rebelling against it?


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