Katy Perry Has Nothing on Miss Piggy

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I'll admit I was torn when I heard about the Great Katy Perry Sesame Street Booby Dust-Up (Bust-Up?). I mean it's a challenge which to hate more: Phony parental sanctimony, or Katy Perry?

I was leaning toward cheering the downfall of the California Gurl for ruining my summer by not letting me get so much as a Slurpee without that auto-tuned earworm of a song blasting at me. And for clearly cheating to win the Maxim Hot 100.  

Plus anything that helps bring the downfall of those fleshy ice-skating chest covers that she wore in the Sesame Street clip is fine by me.

But Peter Hartlaub really gets to the point over at the Poop in the SF Chronicle when he suggests that Katy wouldn't even qualify as the trashiest Muppet:


"I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing the irony in the Sesame Street-pulls-Katy Perry/Elmo duet controversy. Because in my opinion, Miss Piggy could get way trashier than Katy Perry ... Since I was a kid and watched the first season of The Muppet Show, I found Miss Piggy's tendency to show cleavage and a lot of leg to be a little unsettling."

He's so right. Miss Piggy wanted it, and she wanted just about everybody to give it to her, with no regard for propriety or species. She had it and she wasn't afraid to flaunt it. More power to her. (Here's a brilliant compilation of sexy Piggy moments set to Peaches' "F**k the Pain Away." Watch at your own risk -- NSFW lyrics.) 

Hartlaub suggests that the late great Jim Henson loved being subversive, and "always gave kids a lot of credit to be able to handle the sometimes less-than-politically correct content of his programs."

Of course, you could argue, The Muppet Show was for grown-ups and older kids, not aimed at small children like Sesame Street. But do you know of any parent -- now or then -- who said no to The Muppet Show because it was too racy? 

miss piggy

And it's the bigger kids we need to worry about, who've learned that boobs are a reason to snicker.   

Does anyone look on breasts more innocently than an Elmo-loving toddler? Is there anyone less scandalized than a child who was just (or maybe even hasn't stopped) sucking on them? Maria could walk around Sesame Street topless and the only damage it would do to your 2-year-old would be to make them hungry. Oh wait, that practically happened.  

Do you feel Katy Perry's cleavage is worse than anything Miss Piggy has ever done?


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