Dancing Mom Leaves Toddler Alone: Are Moms Allowed to Party?

A 27-year-old South Carolina mom who "went out dancing" while her 3-year-old slept is in jail after her toddler was found wandering the streets this weekend.

Clearly she's a crappy, crappy mom; however, in reading the report, it seems the emphasis was on "going dancing."

Had she been at work or visiting a sick relative or saving other children from a fire, we may still have frowned upon her actions, but the fact that she went dancing makes her the number one candidate for Worst Mother of the Year.

I would wager that even if she had hired a capable and amazing babysitter, we would still be hearing about this mother who went dancing.

Does anyone remember the Danielle Van Dam case?


She was a 7-year-old in California whose parents led an alternative lifestyle that included pot, swinging, and wild times.

After that was discovered, the parents were largely vilified by the news media and all who reported on the story. Yes, they were a bit wild. Yes, they did some things that were questionable, but on the night their little girl was kidnapped, a child molester broke into their home and stole her while the rest of the house slept.

Yes, the mother was "out dancing," but the little girl was at home with her two older brothers and her father. People are allowed to live their lives as they see fit. Would I want a bunch of crazy drunk people in my home while my children slept? Probably not.

But it wasn't the crazy drunk people who murdered Danielle. It was the pedophile who crept into their home and kidnapped her.

There are countless other cases that are similar. A mom like Andrea Yates is obviously vilified for killing her children, but people also feel sorry for her. While a mom like Susan Smith, whose act was equally heinous, is far more hated because it was "for a man." 

I would venture to say that both women were off their rocker. No mom who murders her children is normal or sane. Period. No matter what her reason. And there is no excuse or defense for leaving a 3-year-old home alone. No matter what the activity in question. However, a mom is allowed to go dancing and party and have fun without becoming an unfit mother.

Just hire a babysitter, people.

Do you think moms are allowed to party?


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