Family Halloween Costume Ideas You Need to Steal

April Peveteaux | Sep 24, 2010 Being a Mom

  • Vintage Robots at Your Service


    I know these party people, and they're as cute as they appear. Unfortunately the baby robot crashed before the candy gathering began and was turned off and strolled away. Still -- robot family!!!


  • Meet a Modern Stone Age Family


    Image via Tobyotter/Flickr

    Bam-Bam looks ready to go, doesn't he?

    If you're a total Betty, grab your Barney and pull it together.


  • You're All Animals


    Image via

    If your family wants to re-create March of the Penguins, this entire set can be yours! Just remember to censor the death stuff from the kids.


  • May the Force Be With You


    You know you want to go there -- so do it while the kids have no say in their Halloween costume choice. I've been wanting to dress up as Princess Leia since 1980.


  • The Little Green One


    Image via

    Personally, I would have gone Brobee instead of Plex. But I can definitely see this combo in my family's future.


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