The Difference Between Boys and Girls

For many of us, the time before we had children, we had very clear ideas about the differences between boys and girls.

I know I did.

This essay on Babble explores the differences between raising boys and girls as largely one of time spent getting ready in the morning.

The writer -- Harlyn Aizley -- says the difference is the amount of time it takes girls to get ready:

So if ever you feel compelled to spend $600 on child-rearing books to find out the difference between raising boys and girls, save your dime; it’s braids and tights. Put them together and you get close to an hour in which you could’ve been asleep. Take the fatigue that lost sleep earned you and look in the mirror. Before you gasp, take a look at your beaming daughter with her dirty tights and that farkakta ponytail and give her a kiss.

But what she's really saying is there is little difference. I agree.


Oh sure, my son loves trucks and cars and excavators and my daughter loves princesses and sparkly things and shoes, but really the two of them are very similar.

Both children need love and affection and someone to kiss their boo-boos. Both get scared sometimes at night and need to be rocked. Both my son and my daughter require the same amount of food and attention. Both need time alone and both love to visit the children's museum, park, and library.

Prior to having children, I was sure that having a boy would kill me. I knew nothing about the things they liked, but soon after having one of each it dawned on me that, especially when they are so young, there is almost no difference.

Thinking there is? That's the real shame. It takes away from the amazingness of each.

As a society we seem to be dying to slap a label on everyone and everything. It's a girl -- let's buy pink and lace! A boy gets a lot of blue and sports appliques.

What about just letting our children unfold, whether they're boys or girls? Who they will become actually has very little to do with gender.

What do you think the difference is between boys and girls?



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