Are You an Annoying Pregnant Person?

Proud Pregnant PersonWe've all met one. In fact some of you might be one yourself. They are bold. They are proud. They talk -- a lot. They boast their bumps. They exaggerate their cravings. They expect you to give up your seat on the subway. They act like they are the only person in the world who has ever been pregnant and they can be really annoying.

It's like when people tell you too many details about their dreams. They don't want to hear about the background wallpaper or what kind of car you were in. People just want to hear that you had a sex dream about your best friend's husband.


I'm all for being a proud pregnant person. It's a wonderful thing with a wonderful result. What I'm not a fan of is people who become all consumed with their pregnancies. They think that everyone around them is always interested in every detail of their experience.

People want updates, of course. They want to know if everything is going smoothly, if you know the gender, how are the measurements, do you like your OB/GYN, do you want a vaginal or c-section birth. Unless they ask, they really don't want to hear about your acid reflux or hear you moan every time you bend over. Guilty. I really do moan out loud all day actually. Oops. I also tell anyone who will listen that I pop TUMS like I smoked cigarettes in the '90s.

Childless friends don't want to meet you at the gay bar for brunch and hear about how your baby feels like it's about to fall out of your vageen. Well, maybe that depends on the friends, but they don't want to hear about swollen feet. Well, maybe if they can look at them and laugh. And husbands definitely don't want to hear about your constipation. Ugh. I talk about this too. Or about indigestion. Again, and I wonder why he's not into having sex with me lately.

I AM an annoying pregnant person. I talk about how I only like fresh food and I must mention that I'm uncomfortable 20 times a day. Fascinating. I even write for a pregnancy blog. As the much missed fictional Marc St. James from the now cancelled Ugly Betty once said, "Pot. Kettle. Black."

Are you guilty?

Image via sjon's photostream/Flickr

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