BOO! It's a Halloween Baby!

Halloween baby pumpkin hatAre you pregnant and due within the window of Halloween baby possibility? Could you be in labor on the spookiest night of the year?

[insert terrifying scream here]

Many moms worry about having their baby on this particular holiday for a number of reasons. It's normal.

But I was dying to know what's it like on Halloween in Labor & Delivery. I imagine the hallways filled with hee-hee-hoo-ing witches, zombies, Michelle Obamas, and Real Housewives. And what if your OB/GYN is dressed up? Could your sweet and innocent baby be delivered by a maniacal clown or Lady Gaga -- or worse, The Situation!

We talked to Dr. Daniel Roshan, a Board-certified OB/GYN, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies at Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine in New York City to get a taste for what it's like in Labor & Delivery on Halloween night.


Labor & Delivery on Halloween

"People don't want to be in labor on Halloween," says Dr. Roshan. "They'd like to be at a costume party ... It's not a popular day for a birthday."

As you can imagine, though, worries about such things go out the window, as things get serious pretty quickly in labor and delivery, and if baby is coming, then baby is coming. There's not much anyone can do about it. "Once the labor comes, it's so painful that they really don't have a desire to do anything else but get through the pain."

But what about the freak-filled hallways? Do moms have to worry about arriving to a hospital full of ghouls and goblins?

"We had a patient who was trick or treating with her kids and she went into labor. She came with a witch costume." Another time, a husband came with his wife and was dressed in a surgical costume. People thought he was a doctor and told him to put his ID tag on.

Sounds pretty tame. But should expecting moms worry that a maniacal clown, Lady Gaga, or The Situation will be delivering their baby?

"There are not so many costumes in Labor & Delivery. Some nurses put on hats but nothing extravagant. Unfortunately, with medical legal issues, it's becoming tougher and more strict."

Still worried about having a Halloween baby? Well you're not alone.

Mom's Halloween Baby Fears

Here are some of the reasons moms in the November 2010 Babies group worry about having a Halloween baby:

I don't want my child to have to share their birthday!

  • ALYKAESMOMMY says, "I don't want her to have to share a holiday. I'd rather her come before or after. But, she's going to come when she wants whether mommy likes it or not."
  • megmonger: "At my last appointment, my doc said she wants to induce once I hit 39 weeks (due to my GD). Well, 39 weeks is Halloween! ... Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I guess that'd be neat for baby's birthday. But I don't want them to feel like every year their birthday is 'shared' with a holiday."

I don't want to miss out on the Halloween fun myself!

  • munchkin79 says, "I hope he doesn't come on Halloween. I kind of want to be around that day so I can take my girls trick or treating. We will see, I'm due the 3rd." 
  • Zoeysmomma119 worries, "I would rather her not be born then because this will be the first year we take our daughter trick or treating. I would hate for her to miss it."
  • ALYKAESMOMMY says, "I'll be sad if she comes before [Halloween], though, because I'm really looking forward to painting my belly for Halloween. But either way, I'll be happy just to have her."

A Halloween baby would be bad based on my due date!

  • rachnsamsfirst says, "That would be so cool! But I'm due oct 28th so I'll be really irritated if he comes 3 days after my due date since dr insists I'll have him way before my due date."
  • ANandLPsMom says, "I'd be pissed because I'd be a week late ... but it would be an awesome bday."
  • LuluMa27 says, "I'd prefer NOT Halloween ... simply because she would be a couple days shy of Full Term (37 Weeks), BUT if I knew she would be completely healthy ... heck I wouldn't mind!

No Halloween baby please!

  • clintam says, "I do NOT want my baby to come on Halloween!!! I am due Nov. 9th. I really don't want baby to come that day."

And some moms say I'd love a Halloween baby!

  • mereinolan says, "I'd love it ... but I don't think it will happen. Halloween is my favorite holiday."
  • MamaSarah1104 is all ready for a Halloween baby: "If she does [arrive on Halloween], we found this super cute sleeper that says 'peek-a-boo' on it that my husband will pick up and we will bring her home from the hospital in it lol."
  • stormey_wagner has some experience with Halloween babies: "My baby was born on Halloween last year. I think it is cool that she was born on Halloween. She will always have something going on on her bday."

Could you be expecting a Halloween baby? How do you feel about the idea? Or maybe you already have a Halloween baby and have some spooky L&D Halloween stories to share?


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