10 Moms Who Are Worse Than You

bad mothersSure you might drive-through instead of turn on the oven more often than not. Maybe your TV is a babysitter. But even if you don't give a damn about corn syrup consumption, you're still not as bad as Maria 'Chata' Leon. This mother of 13 "ruled over a criminal empire with connections to a human smuggling ring."

And I thought having my own mother as my English teacher was bad.

Luckily there are a lot of other moms out there to make the rest of us look good. Here are 9 more of the crappiest moms we've been watching at The Stir:


9. Anonymous Mom

The woman who is asking for help in finding a way to make her son not be gay anymore. You know, since kicking the 14-year-old out of the house didn't work.

8. Dora Backpack Mom

Hiding the makings of meth in your kid's backpack does not a good mommy make.

7. Robbery Mom

Using a toddler to gain entrance into a home so you can rob them hopefully means you won't be a mom for much longer.

6. Smoking Toddler Mom

Yep, if you're keeping your kid off the cigs, you're already doing one better than this mom.

5. The Moms of Wal-Mart

Toddler dragging, or just dressing to embarrass the hell out of their offspring, there's a whole book dedicated to horrifying examples of motherhood (and Wal-Mart shoppers).

4. Smoke Shop Mom

Mama's gotta get a pack of smokes! Here, baby, you drive. We know how this one ends, and this mom only has herself to blame for leaving her kid in a running car so she could get her fix.

3. The Hamster Murdering Mom

Or even worse, the mom that forced her son to kill his hamster when he brought home a bad grade. That is effed up, mom.

2. Bong Mom

Notice a pattern? A lot of these poor kids are victims of their mom's drug habits. Don't do that, and you'll be better than this Facebook user who was clearly uploading photos while high.

1. Lying, Murdering Mom

Tragically, there are a number of these. But most recently Shaquan Duley suffocated her two children and blamed it on a car accident.


Image via Hryk/Flickr

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