7 Tacky and Terrible Toddler Halloween Costumes

Lady GagaToddlers and Halloween, what could be more fun? Many of them are too young to really care what they dress up as, they just want the candy. Those who do care are still at the age where they can be easily bribed redirected to a costume of their parents' choosing.

Some parents, however, take this influential power way too far into places so tacky no child be taken.

While it's tempting to pick a famous celebrity, current newsmaker, or other item you find funny, here are seven you shouldn't even consider: 


1. Lady Gaga A recent Wall Street Journal article mentioned there was a Lady Gaga toddler costume for sale on Etsy. While I couldn't find it (perhaps they sold out?), it wouldn't be that hard to come up with your own -- just dress your child in some underwear, throw something big and weird on top of her head, and teach her to flip off people at baseball games. But don't.

Jersey Shore

2. Snooki or any Jersey Shore member While there are costumes of the whole crew available for older kids, I (blessedly) haven't seen any for toddlers ... yet. But if you've got a Bumpit for a girl or some gold chains and a wife beater for your son ... stop! The thought of mini guidos and guidettes makes me shudder.

Glenn Beck

3. Glenn Beck Easy enough, just dress him in a gray wig and a suit, then tie as many WHITE dolls as you can around him. Why this is a bad idea: People will hiss at your child.

whoopie cushion costume

4. A Woopie Cushion This is a real costume and a real abomination to our species.

SpongeBob SquarePants Costume

5. SpongeBob SquarePants My only reason here is that I can't stand the guy/thing. He is the epitome of tacky and terrible as far as I'm concerned.

turkey costume

6. Turkey Why this was invented, I have no idea. No child should ever be subjected to such humiliation ... and how do you expect him to eat Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks later?

BP Oil Spill7. BP Oil Spill Victim This one is only available in adult sizes, for now, but I know there are those of you already thinking how easy it would be to re-create it in a toddler size. Forget it!

What's the worst child's costume you have ever seen?

Images (from top to bottom) via: katexo/Flickr, costume craze, david_shankbone/Flickr ebay, amazon.com, ebay, anytime costumes


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