Curious? A Few Questions for the 'Man with the Yellow Hat'

My toddlers love that funny little monkey Curious George in both book and TV form and since they love him so much, I have seen my fair share of his antics.

For those not in the know, George is a monkey who lives with his constant companion, "The Man with the Yellow Hat." He goes to candy stores and creates store installations, he paints walls and makes smoothies and he does it all with his best friend -- an adult male who wears all yellow, has no friends, job or discernible life and spends all of his time with a monkey.

I consider myself fairly well-versed in most things George, but I still find this guy pretty much a mystery. And since I am a journalist, I thought it only correct for me to put forth a list of questions for this guy so that I might gain a better understanding of him and his intentions toward both his monkey and my children.

Here they are:




What is your name? Why are you always "George's friend"?

I am cheating a bit with this one since I basically already know the answer. His name is Ted, according to the movie and also to one of the newer books published in 1998. But what was his original name? Why does no one say it?

What is your job? Are you independently wealthy?

I really don't get this. Why does this guy not work? He leaves George alone quite a bit, but it is very rarely to go to work. He lives in a city I presume to be New York or at least New York-like in a nice apartment with a doorman. He goes on safaris to Africa where he picks up monkeys and he keeps his monkey in style. So he has disposable income. Where is it coming from? Seriously.

Why have the authorities never questioned you for having a monkey?

I get that it is fiction and all, but seriously? A monkey? In the city? This monkey cooks, he hangs out at restaurants. Dude, my dog can't go into most restaurants!  How many health code violations are you breaking with this monkey?

Why do you not date?

This guy never has a girlfriend. He has no wife. He does not seem to have a boyfriend, either. He is basically sexless and spends all his time with a monkey. Does this strike anyone else as odd?

Why the yellow hat?

Even in flashbacks, he wears all yellow. It is a color that looks good on almost no one and creeps me out. Take that hat off. Are you balding under there?

Do you have any questions for the Man with the Yellow Hat?


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