How Parenting Feeds My Purse Fetish

full purseThere's nothing like a good fetish to make you feel like being a mother hasn't made you lose your touch.

Warning: there will be nothing kinky here.

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm all about the purses.

Make that particular about my purses. And parenting is feeding that habit.


Because one of the first things you learn post-baby is you now have to carry half your house everywhere. The diapers, the wipes, the 16 changes in clothing.

I celebrated the day I was finally able to abandon the ugly diaper bag for a return to pursedom.

No, I didn't save it. Even though I was still debating should we or shouldn't we on baby number two. I wanted it gone.

And then I realized it didn't matter how old she was, I was forever destined to be a pack mule.

Enter the search for the perfect purse. Because as the contest going on over at HybridMom this week, challenging moms to show what's in their purse, proves, there's a particular balance to a mom's purse.

You want it to have enough room for everything.

You want it to be easily cleared of crumbs, able to withstand crayon wax, and of course sippy cup spill-resistant.

You need it to hold matchbox cars. And hide the pack of Silly Bandz you picked up but are waiting for a particular "reward-worthy" moment to reveal.

And make it easy to find a spare pair of tweezers for removal of splinters from the aging playground swing set to minimize the amount of screaming. 

And keep your tampons from being exposed when the 3-year-old turns it upside down in the middle of the grocery store.

If you've found one that does all of this, you have managed half the battle. But there's still a war to be won.

Because it has to do all of this ... and not look like a "mom bag."

And there, gentle reader, is the source of my unending fetishism. I have to keep shopping ... and shopping ... until I find just the right bag, right?

What are your "mom bag" criteria?


Image via jerine/Flickr

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